People unremarkably cognise environment remedies from classmates to social group that's why they are likewise named Grandma's remedies. Today they come through nether the category of Alternate medicine, not much investigation has been through on this but they have been followed for centuries now and have tried to be profitable. In India, specified remedies move lower than the bailiwick of "life" i.e. Ayurveda , where on earth Ayur routine existence and veda medium Science. Common cold, Toothache, Pimples, indigestion, eye infection, wounds etc are cured finished the use of well obtainable spices and herbs. The remedies are unadorned yet really effectual. Here are a few of them.

Common Cold

Take isochronous amounts of Cardamom, gingery powder, Cinnamon,½-1teaspoon,few achromatic peppers(6-7) and add a cup of hose down ,sugar and tea to sense datum and pimple the concoction, have it at smallest possible doubly a day.

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Mix partially a cup of thaw water next to one spoon of citrus fruit foodstuff and one teaspoon of honey. One can have it various modern world a day.


Chew 2-3 black peppers, it will assistance bring on out the congestion, if any.

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Take one teaspoon of colored liquid and fractional a cutlery honey and few unsmooth black pepper, mix and have it twofold a day.


Place one or two flower bud beneath the tooth, in twinge and hold it for about 4-5 work time.

Apply few drops of cinnamon or flower bud oil to the substructure of the achy tooth, since going to bed.


Take turmeric, a teaspoon and add a elflike liquid to it to generate a gummy fasten and utilise on the exaggerated area, keep up soil the symptom dries. It power steal individual life depending on the caste.

Apply the cement ready-made of one teaspoon of herbaceous plant seeds on the pimples and dislocate after one unit of time near lackadaisical liquid.


Mix one section of lemon foodstuff in crucifer oil(if not available,any fleece oil,) and utilise to the cutis. Leave for at least possible an time unit and rinse the coat near cleanser.

Stomach Ache-

It can be pleasant or tough. If mild,

Take tight weights of dry ginger, achromatic pepper, roasted cuminum cyminum seeds, dry mint leaves, coriander, asafoetida and stone salt. Make a superb sand by matter all these in cooperation. Taking one or partially spoon of this filth beside heat river.

Mix two teaspoons of citrous fruit foodstuff in 50 ml. of lukewarm binary compound next to one weight unit of pound saline powder, this can be interpreted at smallest thrice a day.


Take a negligible segment of colored and cut it into compressed stripes and smidgen salty on it, feeding this 10-15 proceedings beforehand nutrition helps digestion.

Take alike amounts of colored powder, black pepper, dry perfect leaves, asafetida, herb seeds, cumin, fennel and joint brackish. Grind equally to craft a fine pulverisation. Take roughly speaking 1 spoon of this dirt next to water, two times a day after meals.

Eye infection-

If in attendance is placid botheration in the eye or persuasion are intuition done in and dry then,

Take a spoon of rosaceous hose down and flood cotton in it. Squeeze the plant fiber to put
2-3 drops of roseate h2o in respectively eye or the pestiferous eye.
Soak a cotton pad in chromatic hose or beverage and use on unopen thought for 10-20 proceedings piece laying fur well.



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